Blogging is all about ... Sharing, connecting, creating and INSPIRING...

I always had a hunch that a day I will write a blog and share news with the world but it was always a matter of time. I never knew that day will come soon where I will blog and write articles from life and experience i gained over the years.  I asked myself once what other people are looking for when they read someone’s blog, In fact I never thought I might write one! Unless you are a public figure or a star then no one might read yours or even check who you are. I believe that day just knocked on my door few days ago and finally i have decided to do it for a change and for fun.

Reaching the top of what you do is hard, even harder is to keep on top. What am sharing  with you might change your life for ever. “Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t do something. You got a dream, fight for it and keep dreaming big. smaller dreamers achieve nothing.”

I have been up and down most of my lifetimes, more downs than ups, but what makes me keep moving is my dream and passion.  Dreams come to people who can see it before it happens. If you are a dreamer believe me you will make it a day. The difference between us and others is one simple fact “Others Quit Faster and have no Persistence”.

Am sharing my experience from the ups and downs with you on my personal blog so you can learn and gain knowledge, experience and skills.

” Learn from others mistakes not from your pocket!” including me…

Happy reading… Rabie Fares